3 Important Facts About Gold IRA!

Find Out Why Gold IRA is Important For Your Retirement

You already own a home, life, health and auto insurance to protect against life’s uncertainties and help your family financially recover from an unexpected accident or illness.

If you could safeguard your retirement in a similar way, would you?

Just as you wouldn’t own a home or a car without insurance, you shouldn’t have a portfolio without gold,” says money manager Jim Cramer.

Owning gold is about minimizing risk.

Gold and Silver held within a Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA isn’t subject to the mismanagement of others, like state and local governments.

When people look for a store of value, a currency hedge, a way to protect their wealth, they go for Gold, says” CNBC. 

When you plan for retirement with a Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA,

your financial future is not in the hands of the Congress,

or subject to the constraints of your state’s budget,

You are in control of your gains and losses.

Gold or any Precious Metal is a physical asset and insurance policy against market turmoil.

Gold offers an alternative — a way to diversify your wealth.

The  Stock market keeps marching higher, making stocks very attractive to many investors.

But investors are still buying up gold as an insurance policy.

No one really knows what the outcome will be!

The world is less well equipped to manage a major financial crisis today than it was a decade ago,  according to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Ex-IMF chief of the International Monetary Fund.

In an interview with AFP, the now-disgraced Strauss-Kahn — who ran the fund at the height of the 2008 financial meltdown — also said rising populism across the world is a direct result of the crisis.
“Q: Ten years on, are we better equipped to deal with a crisis of such a magnitude?
A: No. We have made some progress, particularly in the area of banks’ capital adequacy ratios.
Imagine Deutsche Bank suddenly finding itself in difficulty.
The eight percent of capital it has at its disposal are not going to be enough to solve the problem.
The truth is that we are less well prepared now. Regulations are insufficient.
Q: How so?
A: After 2012-2013 we stopped talking about the need to regulate the economy,
for example concerning the size of banks, or concerning rating agencies.
We backtracked, which is why I am pessimistic about our preparedness.
We have a non-thinking attitude towards globalisation and that does not yield positive results.” Read Full InterviewBy AFP’s Antonio Rodriguez

Gold offers an alternative — a way to diversify your wealth.